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My final DBT

Tomorrow will be the last of my 7 weeks of group DBT, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy. Unfortunately I've been ill for 3 of them but have managed to catch up with help from my new nurse. During that time I have also been told my psychiatrist has left. So since Christmas I have lost my CPN… Continue reading My final DBT

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Interview with Eleanor Segall

Eleanor Segall is one of the busiest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She's an incredible writer, blogger and also amongst other things a mentor. I've found her incredibly passionate, supportive and constructive as I begin the early stages of my career. As someone I admire and look up to who had battled… Continue reading Interview with Eleanor Segall

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My little sisters wedding

What a beautiful day we had for a beautiful bride. From the moment she woke up, she came into the room where I was sleeping in our suite & made me a cup of tea. Cool as a cucumber! It was just before 7am & she was as excited as could be. We chatted over… Continue reading My little sisters wedding

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Patience… I want to get better at it quickly!

Learning to be patient has to be the hardest thing for those that arent naturally. I'm not naturally patient, probably the exact opposite & so my plan to become more patient, only works in my head, if I can do it yesterday! And instantly be a patience person, notice the problem? I've always been a… Continue reading Patience… I want to get better at it quickly!

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Self care & my guest blog for Psychreg

Today Psychreg published a guest blog by me, you can read it here, about selfcare. Reading back through it I realised tonight's my night for self-care. After being unwell, I've managed my first week back at work & tomorrow I'm off to help start the wedding preparations.heres the photo from Rebecca's wedding what feels like… Continue reading Self care & my guest blog for Psychreg

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So proud of my little sister getting married this weekend

This Saturday I am so looking forward to my sisters wedding. She is amazing & genuinely one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. She will do anything for anyone & helps me & my other sister, Rebecca, continually with whatever is needed. She is so kind hearted which is often at the… Continue reading So proud of my little sister getting married this weekend

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Hen Party Plans!

So this used to be my thing. I loved it. I always did it for family/ friends. I love event planning, girly weekends to see Take That, kids wacky birthday parties from a Mad Hatters Tea Party to a Masquerade Ball for an 8 year old. I loved it. Anxiety has robbed me of some… Continue reading Hen Party Plans!

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12 year wedding anniversary Celebration

I don't know how to celebrate wedding anniversaries & this year I'm on my sisters hen do, but for all it's worth, I'm so happy after everything we've been through that we've been married since 6th May 2006. We met on May 10th 2002, so give it a few days and we've been together 16… Continue reading 12 year wedding anniversary Celebration