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Cornwall camping Pod

So believe it or not, at 35 years old, I have never visited the Cornwall coast or anywhere in that region. We're off their for a few days during the summer and I'm looking for tips & ideas on where to go and what to do & see. We haven't camped for many years and… Continue reading Cornwall camping Pod

Borderline Personality Disorder

Talking to work about your condition

Having suffered with mental health illness since I was 16, I've spent the last 19 years trying to hide or cure myself. Last year I really began to struggle, deteriorating after my mum passed away & my best friend took her own life, Kirsty. I had only been in my role at Good Things Foundation… Continue reading Talking to work about your condition

Borderline Personality Disorder

Planned and ready for Home and avoiding the holiday blues

So today we head home, back to England & I'm sure everyone gets a little holiday blues. You're looking forward to your own bed and a "proper brew" but also sad to be leaving the bubble of bliss, warmth, carefree week or 3 behind. I usually dip terribly after a holiday & that dip at… Continue reading Planned and ready for Home and avoiding the holiday blues

Borderline Personality Disorder

Day 15 and the anxiety hits reverse – who is the real ME?

So this morning after a great nights sleep, I've woke up edgy & agitated. I really want to stay in bed today. Just sleep, laze about, do nothing. When I first woke up I couldn't think why. We had a blast yesterday at our last day at Universal's Volcano Bay & today we're due to… Continue reading Day 15 and the anxiety hits reverse – who is the real ME?

Borderline Personality Disorder

Discovering me at Discovery Cove

So in Orlando it has to be said that the one thing I was looking forward to most, was swimming with dolphins My husband & I came here the year before our wedding in November 2005 & I couldn't do it then. So it's been my dream, my wish for the last 13 years! And… Continue reading Discovering me at Discovery Cove

Borderline Personality Disorder

We made it to Orlando – You got this!

So we made it! There were of a few hiccups of course, but we did it! The girls behaved so well. For me it involved so many stages: Picked up by my lovely step dad Train to airport Flight to Philadelphia Flight to Orlando Car hire organisation Sat navigation to the hotel Each stage was… Continue reading We made it to Orlando – You got this!

Borderline Personality Disorder

The calm before the calm

So I thought I'd share a quick blog after my stressful panicked one this morning, I'm ok! Thank you for your text messages, tweets, hugs & general funny jibes! I needed it this morning. Particularly Emma, Charlotte, Sam & Tim who calmed me down for most of the day whilst also taking the Micky (see… Continue reading The calm before the calm