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Barbados… I’m coming 🇧🇧

So it's official, last week I qualified for an all expenses 5* star holiday to Barbados... just for doing my job. Less than 4 months ago I had become pretty much house ridden, refusing to leave the safety of my 4 walls unless critical. There was no real need to venture out into the scary… Continue reading Barbados… I’m coming 🇧🇧

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Gifts, why do we need to judge?

As we undoubtably approach the Christmas period, it's the time people chaotically begin shopping for gifts, but following that time comes the judgement. As a child, having my birthday in December, meant that I would wait all year for everything I wanted. Following Easter, I would start my list of things I'd love. From April… Continue reading Gifts, why do we need to judge?

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From my toes to my nose – the highs and lows of BPD

The scariest thing about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), is how quickly it can change, in days, hours or even minutes. I can and do spot trends. After a build up of extreme highs, comes the lows. Often the higher the high, the lower the low and I'm told regularly that until I receive the tools… Continue reading From my toes to my nose – the highs and lows of BPD

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The Pros and Cons of Counselling – Guest Blog by Ruth in Revolt

I have been attending counselling for around six weeks and have recently been looking back on my experience so far. When Sarah asked me to write a guest post on the subject, it was perfectly in line with my current state of reflection. As always, I want to give a balanced view so that anyone… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Counselling – Guest Blog by Ruth in Revolt

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My little sisters wedding

What a beautiful day we had for a beautiful bride. From the moment she woke up, she came into the room where I was sleeping in our suite & made me a cup of tea. Cool as a cucumber! It was just before 7am & she was as excited as could be. We chatted over… Continue reading My little sisters wedding

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Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

It's Mental Health Awareness Week & tomorrow it's Kirsty's birthday. My best friend who so many of us lost that day when the world became too much, Losing Kirsty. Pick up the phone this week, ask someone if they are ok & mean it, tell someone you love them. Tomorrow it’s your birthday I so… Continue reading Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

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12 year wedding anniversary Celebration

I don't know how to celebrate wedding anniversaries & this year I'm on my sisters hen do, but for all it's worth, I'm so happy after everything we've been through that we've been married since 6th May 2006. We met on May 10th 2002, so give it a few days and we've been together 16… Continue reading 12 year wedding anniversary Celebration