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Group therapy: week 1

I made it, I can't tell you yet that I enjoyed it or that I got anything out of it, but I did it. I came home actually feeling less positive and more helpless. I spent the whole group trying to answer questions in the right way, because it's a group. I don't want to… Continue reading Group therapy: week 1

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Just thinking

Thinking thoughts of terror Usually underlying insecurities Constantly changing choices Harmful hasty hazards Watching, waiting, worrying Feeling forever judged Fearing, forgetting frequently Lost, lonely, laid awake She slips silently away, straining Eternal exhaustion eats away Broken bluntly at the bottom Potentially poisonous plans Recurring reactions & responses Daunting dangers of the day ahead Impressions of… Continue reading Just thinking

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Day by day!

Last night I was in torture Wondering when the thoughts would end My mind just wouldn't switch off And was driving me round the bend I felt so tired & frustrated All I could do was cry But then in public smile away I worked hard on that to try Laid in bed I couldn't… Continue reading Day by day!

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Looking back 25 years & the signs were always there – EUPD, BPD & Anxiety

On Thursday I completed my 3rd week in a row of work (my new part-time hours). I hadn't managed this since my diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder in January of this year. As a celebration this lovely lady, my bestie, Alex, invited me up for a spontaneous weekend in Peebles. I was anxious so… Continue reading Looking back 25 years & the signs were always there – EUPD, BPD & Anxiety

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Missing my time at home for recovery

This morning I woke up feeling a little anxious. I couldn’t work out why & once I’d told my manager & she had agreed to me starting late, I was actually ok & headed into work on time. As the day went on the anxiety didn’t seem to lessen & on my journey home I… Continue reading Missing my time at home for recovery