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Mum Guilt…

Why is it that above all the things we force ourselves to cram into life as a mum, we insist on adding mum guilt to the top of this list... Have you ever tried to be the mum who’s up at 5am? The mum who “Started the day with a little 10k”? Well good on… Continue reading Mum Guilt…

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Purposeful Plastics 🌈

We want to protect our planet and make it safer for everyone, but this protection has to start somewhere, and our young people are our future.  You can sign here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Purposeful Plastics Petition My daughter wrote to Theresa May last year and now we are working together to campaign for purposeful plastics education in… Continue reading Purposeful Plastics 🌈

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The Cardwell’s in Corfu

We're just back from a truly wonderful holiday on the Greek Island of Corfu. We had 2 weeks of sunshine & relaxation. It was heavenly. I can't say I didn't have my own ups and downs, but overall it was definitely one to remember, for all the right reasons. The beautiful sunsets were breathtaking Having… Continue reading The Cardwell’s in Corfu

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Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

Last year, my daughter Millie, aged 10 at the time, wrote to Theresa May having done topic work at school on plastics in the ocean. She'd recently been voted into pupil parliament and was hoping for a few leadership tips from the current prime minister. When she received a reply from Downing Street she was… Continue reading Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

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Barbados was beautiful

What can I say... I've been back almost a month and it truly was a once in a life time experience. For nothing else than I travelled alone, well without my husband to the most incredible place. And it was all for FREE! From arriving at the hotel the night before I flew I knew… Continue reading Barbados was beautiful

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Parenting a tweenager in their transition to secondary school

As a mum of an 11 year old daughter who is about to embark on secondary school in September, I’m already exceptionally nervous about what the rest of the year has to hold. Having once completed this same journey, I can’t help but hear my mum when I speak the words, “it’s different now to… Continue reading Parenting a tweenager in their transition to secondary school

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Review of Wizard of Oz by Killamarsh Dreams

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching my daughters in the Wizard of Oz at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield. Before I tell you how wonderful it was, & I will be, I wanted to tell you a little bit about Killamarsh Dreams. Killamarsh Dreams is a community drama group that originally started in… Continue reading Review of Wizard of Oz by Killamarsh Dreams

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Parenting sisters & brave enough to ask for help!

Being the eldest of 3 girls I never gave it any thought, but my mum must have had a tough job. As I approach it now with only 2 girls, I wish I had her reassurance & support in telling me their behaviour is normal, but also her resilience. Two weeks ago I referred my… Continue reading Parenting sisters & brave enough to ask for help!

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Guest blog published by My Possible Self on the importance of Mental Health Education to children & young people

Hi All, I was asked to write a guest blog about my passion for bringing mental health into education & how I talk to my children. Here it is