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Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

Last year, my daughter Millie, aged 10 at the time, wrote to Theresa May having done topic work at school on plastics in the ocean. She'd recently been voted into pupil parliament and was hoping for a few leadership tips from the current prime minister. When she received a reply from Downing Street she was… Continue reading Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

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The Body Shop At Home… why it works for me and could work for you too!

This was absolutely first thought when I heard about The Body Shop At Home: Where's the catch? When I found that there wasn't one I was blown away. I've always loved The Body Shop. Who wouldn't? Ethically sourced, #faat (forever against animal testing) products, changing lives and laws all over the world and founded by… Continue reading The Body Shop At Home… why it works for me and could work for you too!

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My final DBT

Tomorrow will be the last of my 7 weeks of group DBT, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy. Unfortunately I've been ill for 3 of them but have managed to catch up with help from my new nurse. During that time I have also been told my psychiatrist has left. So since Christmas I have lost my CPN… Continue reading My final DBT

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Cornwall camping Pod

So believe it or not, at 35 years old, I have never visited the Cornwall coast or anywhere in that region. We're off their for a few days during the summer and I'm looking for tips & ideas on where to go and what to do & see. We haven't camped for many years and… Continue reading Cornwall camping Pod

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Review of Wizard of Oz by Killamarsh Dreams

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching my daughters in the Wizard of Oz at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield. Before I tell you how wonderful it was, & I will be, I wanted to tell you a little bit about Killamarsh Dreams. Killamarsh Dreams is a community drama group that originally started in… Continue reading Review of Wizard of Oz by Killamarsh Dreams

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What a weekend away feels like inside my head! But I did it & I will again!

This last 14 days has been pretty full on by anyone's standards, but for me it's been exhausting. Not only have I been trying so hard so keep up a positive front, but for the first time in a long time I've been here there & everywhere. I knew it was going to be busy… Continue reading What a weekend away feels like inside my head! But I did it & I will again!

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Wellbeing Event – we did it!

I'm in tears! I made it, it wasn't easy and I couldn't stay for long, but my volunteers did wonders. A huge thank you to the Oaks Community Church, Eckington! They set up, helped on the day, they were just amazing. A huge thank you to Sharon, her support, encouragement & everything she has done,… Continue reading Wellbeing Event – we did it!