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Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

Last year, my daughter Millie, aged 10 at the time, wrote to Theresa May having done topic work at school on plastics in the ocean. She'd recently been voted into pupil parliament and was hoping for a few leadership tips from the current prime minister. When she received a reply from Downing Street she was… Continue reading Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

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My final DBT

Tomorrow will be the last of my 7 weeks of group DBT, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy. Unfortunately I've been ill for 3 of them but have managed to catch up with help from my new nurse. During that time I have also been told my psychiatrist has left. So since Christmas I have lost my CPN… Continue reading My final DBT

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Interview with Eleanor Segall

Eleanor Segall is one of the busiest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She's an incredible writer, blogger and also amongst other things a mentor. I've found her incredibly passionate, supportive and constructive as I begin the early stages of my career. As someone I admire and look up to who had battled… Continue reading Interview with Eleanor Segall

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Being interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield for Mental Health Awareness Week

On Friday I got the amazing pleasure of attending BBC radio Sheffield. A pre-record interview with Toby Foster was arranged & I was so excited. There are many reasons for this: I love raising awareness about mental health I was getting to share my story I love Toby Foster I am the biggest Phoenix Nights… Continue reading Being interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Anxiety and the impact a song can make

This afternoon I felt anxious. It wasn’t an overwhelming feeling, but I could feel that change in my head. I couldn’t work out why. I’ve had a lovely weekend away with my family & some amazing friends. So I headed for a little lay down. When I woke up we got in the car &… Continue reading Anxiety and the impact a song can make


Bad day gone good… dare I say, amazing!

This morning I woke up after a bad nights sleep. I was still awake around 2am & overlaid waking just before 8am. This does not work well with my kids. They need time in a morning, so without even my usual cup of tea, breakfast or medication, I got them ready & dropped them at… Continue reading Bad day gone good… dare I say, amazing!