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How to become the best & most successful blogger for you!

Recently I've been reading lots of blogger tip blogs. They mainly revolve around your traffic, how to increase followers, being on every social media platform & making lots of money. Success can be measured in many ways but here's my top 5 on how to be the most successful blogger for you. 1. Remember why… Continue reading How to become the best & most successful blogger for you!

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Dear Daughters,

I want to start by saying how much I love you & always will. You are the most important priority in my life & will never put anything before your health & care. You are the most special thing I have ever been given. I love being your friend, when you confide in me, but… Continue reading Dear Daughters,

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My little sisters wedding

What a beautiful day we had for a beautiful bride. From the moment she woke up, she came into the room where I was sleeping in our suite & made me a cup of tea. Cool as a cucumber! It was just before 7am & she was as excited as could be. We chatted over… Continue reading My little sisters wedding

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Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood

The community of those with mental illness I spent so much of my life alone and without friends. I was a very introverted person with not a single ounce of confidence. I was bullied and abused for this, which only pushed me further into my own bubble, a bubble that got so lonely over the… Continue reading Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood

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Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

It's Mental Health Awareness Week & tomorrow it's Kirsty's birthday. My best friend who so many of us lost that day when the world became too much, Losing Kirsty. Pick up the phone this week, ask someone if they are ok & mean it, tell someone you love them. Tomorrow it’s your birthday I so… Continue reading Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

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12 year wedding anniversary Celebration

I don't know how to celebrate wedding anniversaries & this year I'm on my sisters hen do, but for all it's worth, I'm so happy after everything we've been through that we've been married since 6th May 2006. We met on May 10th 2002, so give it a few days and we've been together 16… Continue reading 12 year wedding anniversary Celebration


Blogging exposes our deepest thoughts, but for me it’s worth it

This last couple of weeks I've been pretty stable, even since returning from holiday, so that's amazing. Because I've been so stable, people have felt able to approach me on how they feel about different things. I love this. I have friends & family that can now read my blog & then approach me about… Continue reading Blogging exposes our deepest thoughts, but for me it’s worth it