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Gifts, why do we need to judge?

As we undoubtably approach the Christmas period, it's the time people chaotically begin shopping for gifts, but following that time comes the judgement. As a child, having my birthday in December, meant that I would wait all year for everything I wanted. Following Easter, I would start my list of things I'd love. From April… Continue reading Gifts, why do we need to judge?

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Starting with the BodyShop At Home

I used to work with The BodyShop a few years ago and have always loved their products. So when anxiety & my borderline personality disorder (BPD) drove me to leave my job, a job I loved, I thought that would be it. I had prepared to not work at all as I waited for my… Continue reading Starting with the BodyShop At Home

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Interview with Eleanor Segall

Eleanor Segall is one of the busiest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She's an incredible writer, blogger and also amongst other things a mentor. I've found her incredibly passionate, supportive and constructive as I begin the early stages of my career. As someone I admire and look up to who had battled… Continue reading Interview with Eleanor Segall

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Don’t stop trying to stop!

This morning I've woken up, feeling fairly low. It's been there for a week or so now, gradually growing, turning from a general lethargy into a downright depressive mood. Who knows what factors & triggers have been involved. I came name two though, guilt & failure. Once again quitting smoking hasn't been as easy as… Continue reading Don’t stop trying to stop!

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My girls

I want to start by saying how much I love you & always will. You are the most important priority in my life & will never put anything before your health & care. You are the most special thing I have ever been given. I love being your friend, when you confide in me, but… Continue reading My girls

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Day 15 of being smokefree!

Today is day 15. I happened accidentally, but I'm so glad it happened for me. I couldn't have smoked for the last 2 weeks due to illness, but it turned into the perfect opportunity. Having stopped smoking before, several times, I'm aware that even after this key time frame, it's easy to slip back into… Continue reading Day 15 of being smokefree!

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My choice to have a Hysterectomy at 32 to reduce my risk of Ovarian Cancer

Deciding to have surgery is never easy, but I can start this by saying there's a happy ending. It was the best thing I ever did. Having suffered with heavy & painful periods since the age of 13, my mum always suspected I had endometriosis, the same condition as her. It wasn't until I was… Continue reading My choice to have a Hysterectomy at 32 to reduce my risk of Ovarian Cancer