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Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?

(Written December 2018) I woke up to an average day, not feeling my best, but ok. I looked around my bedroom and could see yesterday had not been great either. A Clear room might not equal clear mind but it helps. As one daughter headed out of the door, and the other was in bed… Continue reading Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?

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And here we are again… Mother’s Day 2019

I can't say that the last few years have been fun on this particular day. One way or another I've managed to spoil what should be a lovely family day. It's often been my own ridiculously high expectations, of a day that will somehow not be filled with me thinking of my mum, which is… Continue reading And here we are again… Mother’s Day 2019

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My little sisters wedding

What a beautiful day we had for a beautiful bride. From the moment she woke up, she came into the room where I was sleeping in our suite & made me a cup of tea. Cool as a cucumber! It was just before 7am & she was as excited as could be. We chatted over… Continue reading My little sisters wedding