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How to become the best & most successful blogger for you!

Recently I've been reading lots of blogger tip blogs. They mainly revolve around your traffic, how to increase followers, being on every social media platform & making lots of money. Success can be measured in many ways but here's my top 5 on how to be the most successful blogger for you. 1. Remember why… Continue reading How to become the best & most successful blogger for you!

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Guest blog published by My Possible Self on the importance of Mental Health Education to children & young people

Hi All, I was asked to write a guest blog about my passion for bringing mental health into education & how I talk to my children. Here it is

mental health

Self care & my guest blog for Psychreg

Today Psychreg published a guest blog by me, you can read it here, about selfcare. Reading back through it I realised tonight's my night for self-care. After being unwell, I've managed my first week back at work & tomorrow I'm off to help start the wedding preparations.heres the photo from Rebecca's wedding what feels like… Continue reading Self care & my guest blog for Psychreg

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Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood

The community of those with mental illness I spent so much of my life alone and without friends. I was a very introverted person with not a single ounce of confidence. I was bullied and abused for this, which only pushed me further into my own bubble, a bubble that got so lonely over the… Continue reading Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood