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Why join Region Purpose North America

If you’re reading this blog you probably already know me, or a little bit about my and my journey with anxiety and mental health illness. If you not you can read a very quick overview here Me This business has changed my life. It’s enabled me to work around my good days, develop my confidence,… Continue reading Why join Region Purpose North America

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My final DBT

Tomorrow will be the last of my 7 weeks of group DBT, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy. Unfortunately I've been ill for 3 of them but have managed to catch up with help from my new nurse. During that time I have also been told my psychiatrist has left. So since Christmas I have lost my CPN… Continue reading My final DBT

Borderline Personality Disorder

Fake it til you make it, I did today and it felt great!

I was dreading today, day 15 but I'd promised a day at Disney Epcot as the girls had characters left to meet on their list. I wasn't feeling it & missed breakfast. But after a venting blog & 3 cups of tea, I put on my suntan lotion & Minnie Mouse ears (an example of… Continue reading Fake it til you make it, I did today and it felt great!

Borderline Personality Disorder

Day 15 and the anxiety hits reverse – who is the real ME?

So this morning after a great nights sleep, I've woke up edgy & agitated. I really want to stay in bed today. Just sleep, laze about, do nothing. When I first woke up I couldn't think why. We had a blast yesterday at our last day at Universal's Volcano Bay & today we're due to… Continue reading Day 15 and the anxiety hits reverse – who is the real ME?

Borderline Personality Disorder

My comfort blanket

I think some people thought I was silly bringing a blanket to Florida! But even though it's my daughters, it's become my comfort. When I just need to zone out & feel wrapped up, it's there. Now is one of those times & I'm so glad I brought it ❤️ It's Disney anyway right?!

Borderline Personality Disorder

Discovering me at Discovery Cove

So in Orlando it has to be said that the one thing I was looking forward to most, was swimming with dolphins My husband & I came here the year before our wedding in November 2005 & I couldn't do it then. So it's been my dream, my wish for the last 13 years! And… Continue reading Discovering me at Discovery Cove

Borderline Personality Disorder

The travel mug

I think this is my favourite blog I have ever written. It's silly, pathetic & pretty pointless, but has been a huge distraction to avoid the anxiety I have had, so here goes. At work since Christmas a few mugs/ cups have gone missing, including mine. My secret Santa gift... So after a few jokey… Continue reading The travel mug

Borderline Personality Disorder

In need of a rest day

So Orlando is amazing but by 'eck do I need a rest day! Today is day 6 of parks & wow, we haven't visited half of them yet. The last 2 days I've felt a little anxious & overwhelmed and we've done half days, but it's not been enough respite to my normal life. I'm… Continue reading In need of a rest day

Borderline Personality Disorder

The calm before the calm

So I thought I'd share a quick blog after my stressful panicked one this morning, I'm ok! Thank you for your text messages, tweets, hugs & general funny jibes! I needed it this morning. Particularly Emma, Charlotte, Sam & Tim who calmed me down for most of the day whilst also taking the Micky (see… Continue reading The calm before the calm

Borderline Personality Disorder

Florida, Orlando get ready cos here we come! Holiday prep – screw you anxiety!

So we're almost here & for a holiday of a lifetime the pressure was bound to build up. But over the last week I've been trying to combine a number of things: Getting work in order to avoid worrying while I'm away Coping mechanisms & plans for my stay Self care / pamper So firstly,… Continue reading Florida, Orlando get ready cos here we come! Holiday prep – screw you anxiety!