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When anxiety catches up when I’m in a small group … I’m better with a crowd!

I've said it so many times before but for some people my anxiety is hard to see. Put me on a stage in front of 1000 people and I'm ok. I know it sounds daft but I am. I remove my glasses so everyone isn't clear, but I can do it. I have a few… Continue reading When anxiety catches up when I’m in a small group … I’m better with a crowd!

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Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

Last year, my daughter Millie, aged 10 at the time, wrote to Theresa May having done topic work at school on plastics in the ocean. She'd recently been voted into pupil parliament and was hoping for a few leadership tips from the current prime minister. When she received a reply from Downing Street she was… Continue reading Purposeful plastics petition 🌈🌈🌈

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Barbados was beautiful

What can I say... I've been back almost a month and it truly was a once in a life time experience. For nothing else than I travelled alone, well without my husband to the most incredible place. And it was all for FREE! From arriving at the hotel the night before I flew I knew… Continue reading Barbados was beautiful

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Publications, nominations & endorsements!

Just found out that Sarah’s Thinking Again has been nominated in the WEGO Health Awards in two categories. I've been nominated in the "Community" for our Wellbeing Event in June, where we brought together all of our local communities & raised money for Sodit charity. You can check out our live event video for our… Continue reading Publications, nominations & endorsements!

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Thriving on my just Anxiety just like England

As I’m sat watching the England v Columbia game, I’m stuck by something that I’ve never considered before. There’s a part of me that thrives off my anxiety. I’m not the biggest of football fans, my husband & daughters support Sheffield Wednesday & go to the occasional match. I like to go for the drama… Continue reading Thriving on my just Anxiety just like England

Borderline Personality Disorder

Friendship throughout the years

I recently read an article that caused me to realise I probably fluctuate between all of the appropriate & non-appropriate friendship zones, you can take a look at it here. I've changed the names for obvious reasons, but friends come & go. I believe strongly that sometimes it's no-ones fault when people drift apart, other… Continue reading Friendship throughout the years

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Wellbeing Event – we did it!

I'm in tears! I made it, it wasn't easy and I couldn't stay for long, but my volunteers did wonders. A huge thank you to the Oaks Community Church, Eckington! They set up, helped on the day, they were just amazing. A huge thank you to Sharon, her support, encouragement & everything she has done,… Continue reading Wellbeing Event – we did it!