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Thriving on my just Anxiety just like England

As I’m sat watching the England v Columbia game, I’m stuck by something that I’ve never considered before. There’s a part of me that thrives off my anxiety. I’m not the biggest of football fans, my husband & daughters support Sheffield Wednesday & go to the occasional match. I like to go for the drama… Continue reading Thriving on my just Anxiety just like England

Borderline Personality Disorder

Friendship throughout the years

I recently read an article that caused me to realise I probably fluctuate between all of the appropriate & non-appropriate friendship zones, you can take a look at it here. I've changed the names for obvious reasons, but friends come & go. I believe strongly that sometimes it's no-ones fault when people drift apart, other… Continue reading Friendship throughout the years

mental health

Wellbeing Event – we did it!

I'm in tears! I made it, it wasn't easy and I couldn't stay for long, but my volunteers did wonders. A huge thank you to the Oaks Community Church, Eckington! They set up, helped on the day, they were just amazing. A huge thank you to Sharon, her support, encouragement & everything she has done,… Continue reading Wellbeing Event – we did it!