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Jumping out of a plane you say…

So for a while I've been thinking about taking the plunge... literally and finally I've booked it. On 15th December this year, I'm going to jump out of a plane (hopefully with someone attached to me wearing a parachute). This is something I always said I would never do, due to "what if" ... but… Continue reading Jumping out of a plane you say…

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Publications, nominations & endorsements!

Just found out that Sarah’s Thinking Again has been nominated in the WEGO Health Awards in two categories. I've been nominated in the "Community" for our Wellbeing Event in June, where we brought together all of our local communities & raised money for Sodit charity. You can check out our live event video for our… Continue reading Publications, nominations & endorsements!

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Parenting sisters & brave enough to ask for help!

Being the eldest of 3 girls I never gave it any thought, but my mum must have had a tough job. As I approach it now with only 2 girls, I wish I had her reassurance & support in telling me their behaviour is normal, but also her resilience. Two weeks ago I referred my… Continue reading Parenting sisters & brave enough to ask for help!

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Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood

The community of those with mental illness I spent so much of my life alone and without friends. I was a very introverted person with not a single ounce of confidence. I was bullied and abused for this, which only pushed me further into my own bubble, a bubble that got so lonely over the… Continue reading Guest Blog from Charlotte Underwood

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Noise when you need quiet, it’s an anxious day for no reason

Some days, today is one of them, and all I can hear is conflicting noises. I don't mean voices, I'm fortunate that so far I've never heard voices, except mine own inner critics, of which there are often many, too many. But I mean I hear every noise like some superhero with a power I… Continue reading Noise when you need quiet, it’s an anxious day for no reason

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New role: new hours

Today felt scary, I've built up to the fact that I could no longer handle full-time hours & that I was dropping to 20 hours per week. Due to my job this meant a change of role. But I got up this morning, waved the kids off to school & headed to work for my… Continue reading New role: new hours

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Panic All Stations

So today I'm anxious! Really anxious! Scared & nervous! There's lots of triggers Going away Laila's kids club starts at 10 when I thought I could get into work for 8pm! Work - there's a lot to do in one day Work - we have a big meeting today that I can't follow up with… Continue reading Panic All Stations