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Mums birthday… 4 years on

Has it really been over 4 years since I held her hand and said goodnight... it has! I remember for so long feeling like nothing would ever be the same again, nothing would ever feel normal, I'd never think it would be ok to laugh or enjoy myself. But over the years my grief has… Continue reading Mums birthday… 4 years on

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Jumping out of a plane you say…

So for a while I've been thinking about taking the plunge... literally and finally I've booked it. On 15th December this year, I'm going to jump out of a plane (hopefully with someone attached to me wearing a parachute). This is something I always said I would never do, due to "what if" ... but… Continue reading Jumping out of a plane you say…

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Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

It's Mental Health Awareness Week & tomorrow it's Kirsty's birthday. My best friend who so many of us lost that day when the world became too much, Losing Kirsty. Pick up the phone this week, ask someone if they are ok & mean it, tell someone you love them. Tomorrow it’s your birthday I so… Continue reading Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow