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Reviewing my October Goals

So as we're halfway through October, I thought I would review the goals I set myself in my blog a few weeks ago here. The most important goal was to start leaving the house at least 4 times a week. By week 3 in October and I've only stayed in the house 1 day each… Continue reading Reviewing my October Goals

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Starting with the BodyShop At Home

I used to work with The BodyShop a few years ago and have always loved their products. So when anxiety & my borderline personality disorder (BPD) drove me to leave my job, a job I loved, I thought that would be it. I had prepared to not work at all as I waited for my… Continue reading Starting with the BodyShop At Home

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Anxiety make up

Now I'm no beauty blogger, there's no video or even photos of me before, after or applying the make-up. That's not my thing, but I have struggled since going into the menopause & with anxiety to find make-up that lasts. Being in the menopause at 35 doesn't help, even with HRT, being overweight is another… Continue reading Anxiety make up

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Day 15 of being smokefree!

Today is day 15. I happened accidentally, but I'm so glad it happened for me. I couldn't have smoked for the last 2 weeks due to illness, but it turned into the perfect opportunity. Having stopped smoking before, several times, I'm aware that even after this key time frame, it's easy to slip back into… Continue reading Day 15 of being smokefree!