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A year in view (summer 2019)

The last time I felt like this was January, before my therapy was due to start and I wrote a few notes here I'm feeling different, drained, tired, I don't want to go out, I want to stay home and I can feel it's getting worse. The triggers are firing at me like little pellets… Continue reading A year in view (summer 2019)

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Almost 5 years coming to an End: In recovery

Written November 2019 Today I visited my psychiatrist for the first time in a year. It turns out after my discharge from therapy last month, they didn't even think I needed to see them as I had done so well. So I ended up seeing a prescribing mental health nurse, I think, there's so many… Continue reading Almost 5 years coming to an End: In recovery

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Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?

(Written December 2018) I woke up to an average day, not feeling my best, but ok. I looked around my bedroom and could see yesterday had not been great either. A Clear room might not equal clear mind but it helps. As one daughter headed out of the door, and the other was in bed… Continue reading Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?

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I wanted to be a writer when I grew up & more

The other day someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was younger. It was a group chat, part of #femalesuccesshub & I just avoided answering, because it seemed silly. I wanted a family before anything. Living in a variety of addresses at 16 had left me with a chip on my shoulder… Continue reading I wanted to be a writer when I grew up & more

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Mental health Awareness Week

This is me 🌈 You may have noticed I’ve taken a break from blogging, it hasn’t been intentional. I love to blog and I know how much it helps me and others when I share how I’ve been feeling. However, the main purpose of my blogging has always been for therapy, for my own escapism… Continue reading Mental health Awareness Week

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Lockdown with BPD

Written 11th April 2020 ... Published 31st March 2021 Where do I start... right now... I’m exhausted, I’m drained and I’m tired of showing I’m ok when I’m not. Having just had a couple of hours crying to myself, I’ve realised the difference between the old me and now. The old me would have allowed… Continue reading Lockdown with BPD

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My work is my new distraction

Recently a friend of mine asked if I was ok. They meant it to. It came with the question that my life had been full of work recently and was I doing ok with that. My answer... yes I completely agree that work can take over, whether it's a passion or hobby, your own business,… Continue reading My work is my new distraction

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Anxiety & corona virus

(Written in March) Anxiety is often irrational, uncomfortable and difficult to manage and explain. With the current corona virus situation I can see life becoming more challenging and I’m more anxious than normal. When the news first broke on the corona virus, my flutterings of anxiety began. I could feel my stomach flip and my… Continue reading Anxiety & corona virus