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Jumping out of a plane you say…

So for a while I've been thinking about taking the plunge... literally and finally I've booked it. On 15th December this year, I'm going to jump out of a plane (hopefully with someone attached to me wearing a parachute). This is something I always said I would never do, due to "what if" ... but… Continue reading Jumping out of a plane you say…

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Cornwall camping Pod

So believe it or not, at 35 years old, I have never visited the Cornwall coast or anywhere in that region. We're off their for a few days during the summer and I'm looking for tips & ideas on where to go and what to do & see. We haven't camped for many years and… Continue reading Cornwall camping Pod

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Parenting a tweenager in their transition to secondary school

As a mum of an 11 year old daughter who is about to embark on secondary school in September, I’m already exceptionally nervous about what the rest of the year has to hold. Having once completed this same journey, I can’t help but hear my mum when I speak the words, “it’s different now to… Continue reading Parenting a tweenager in their transition to secondary school