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October Mini goals

This weekend I did a lot of looking back, always focusing on the failures, the things I did wrong, the mistakes I made & I had to stop myself, because I actually got some things right. I need to learn to focus more on these & appreciate them, rather than focus on the negative. So… Continue reading October Mini goals

anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, illness, mental health, mind, Personality Disorder, poetry, published, Uncategorized, writer

Just thinking

Thinking thoughts of terror Usually underlying insecurities Constantly changing choices Harmful hasty hazards Watching, waiting, worrying Feeling forever judged Fearing, forgetting frequently Lost, lonely, laid awake She slips silently away, straining Eternal exhaustion eats away Broken bluntly at the bottom Potentially poisonous plans Recurring reactions & responses Daunting dangers of the day ahead Impressions of… Continue reading Just thinking