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Why join Region Purpose North America

If you’re reading this blog you probably already know me, or a little bit about my and my journey with anxiety and mental health illness. If you not you can read a very quick overview here Me This business has changed my life. It’s enabled me to work around my good days, develop my confidence,… Continue reading Why join Region Purpose North America

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Mum Guilt…

Why is it that above all the things we force ourselves to cram into life as a mum, we insist on adding mum guilt to the top of this list... Have you ever tried to be the mum who’s up at 5am? The mum who “Started the day with a little 10k”? Well good on… Continue reading Mum Guilt…

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Lockdown with BPD

Written 11th April 2020 ... Published 31st March 2021 Where do I start... right now... I’m exhausted, I’m drained and I’m tired of showing I’m ok when I’m not. Having just had a couple of hours crying to myself, I’ve realised the difference between the old me and now. The old me would have allowed… Continue reading Lockdown with BPD