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“The lady gave you permission to break her fish”

Excuse my for the rather bizarre title of this blog, but having witnessed the conversation, and I was the lady in question, I had to share it.

We’ve come away for a few days to my sisters caravan by the sea. It has bitter sweet memories for us all so we decided to go ahead and make new ones. And boy have we!

Apart from the usual eating in the pub and swimming, we’ve been pot painting, the girls have done kayaking and tomorrow they’re den building and making fires! It’s been fantastic, but anyway I’m getting distracted.

After a lovely pub lunch on Monday, our first day we hadn’t bought much in, food wise, so decided to head off to the park for an hour before walking back past the chippy. Good call I felt. Bank holiday Monday by the sea, you have to have fish, chips and mushy peas don’t you?

As they wrapped my fish and chips, the gentleman serving declared it was a little messily wrapped due to the size of the fish! He told me he hadn’t wanted to break the fish. I told him it didn’t matter and that it wouldn’t change how it tasted back at the caravan.

His colleague came across seeing the poorly wrapped dinner awaiting me and said “what have you done?” The first man explained again about breaking the fish, and as the title states he replied, ” but the lady gave you permission to break her fish”.

The girls and I laughed the whole walk back to the caravan, repeating it in silly voices. It is the small things in life, but will be the phrase of the holiday

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