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Mental health Awareness Week

This is me 🌈

You may have noticed I’ve taken a break from blogging, it hasn’t been intentional. I love to blog and I know how much it helps me and others when I share how I’ve been feeling. However, the main purpose of my blogging has always been for therapy, for my own escapism and recently although I’ve written a lot, and I mean a lot, as I’ve come back to them my feelings have changed and I’ve no longer felt the same way in order to share the blog.

Previously a bad day would turn into a week or month and I would have endless hours to draft my blogs, almost enjoying at times ruminating over my negativity. I had my own pity party’s and some of my best writing came from these times. When I began to feel better and started writing more positively, I got less of a response. Again I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, I did the same. If I was feeling low, I wanted to read how others felt so I didn’t feel alone. When I would read someone feeling better, I would often shy away, even if they were providing useful thoughts and ideas to help me feel better, I would choose to read only those that I was feeling at the time.

So it is with a lot of thought, I have given today’s blog some extra time and I’m going to continue to write how I feel. At the moment this will often be good, and I hope some day will get as much response and encouragement as my previous posts. I am still living every day with Borderline Personality Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, I just deal with it differently.

I don’t have any “top tips” but I will share the biggest things I’m using to get through the days right now and I’m going to start by going through my draft of blogs. I’m going to delete any that are not going to help anyone else today and I’ll finish working on the rest to publish, so there may be a little flurry of them.

This week I will also begin to share some of my coping mechanisms that I’ve learnt through both my DBT and my own ways, in the hope it might help others.

I hope that you continue to read my blogs and are able to gain something through them. All my love,

Sarah x

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