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Sarah now with BPD

This is me! Today is 20th May 2020 and we’re currently midway through the initial lockdown down to Covid-19. I’m not saying I’m always smiling like this, but much more often than not these days. I still have borderline personality disorder/ emotional unstable personality disorder and generalised anxiety disorder, and I’m still here, here’s why!… Continue reading Sarah now with BPD

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“I’m proud of you”

Is it just me or are there still people out there yearning for this? I never felt like the one who made people proud. I've always come with trouble, baggage and problems. I've always been a bit of a black sheep, but I'm not a bad person, I'm just needy. Since the day I was… Continue reading “I’m proud of you”

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Purposeful Plastics 🌈

We want to protect our planet and make it safer for everyone, but this protection has to start somewhere, and our young people are our future.  You can sign here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Purposeful Plastics Petition My daughter wrote to Theresa May last year and now we are working together to campaign for purposeful plastics education in… Continue reading Purposeful Plastics 🌈

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Almost 5 years coming to an End: In recovery

Written November 2019 Today I visited my psychiatrist for the first time in a year. It turns out after my discharge from therapy last month, they didn't even think I needed to see them as I had done so well. So I ended up seeing a prescribing mental health nurse, I think, there's so many… Continue reading Almost 5 years coming to an End: In recovery

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Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?

(Written December 2018) I woke up to an average day, not feeling my best, but ok. I looked around my bedroom and could see yesterday had not been great either. A Clear room might not equal clear mind but it helps. As one daughter headed out of the door, and the other was in bed… Continue reading Today the rain hurt my head. Can you imagine?