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Starting my own business was the best thing I ever did… & you can too

So back in April I wrote this little blog I wouldn’t have believed what else was to come.

Yesterday I was told that our region was the highest year of year sales growth with 2300%. Its not just me, it’s the incredible team of people I have around me. They are amazing. Some joined our team to just use the discount personally for themselves, maybe family. Others want to party for a living, and some want to climb the career ladder. If you love body shop products, you should definitely consider it. There’s something for everyone. I love helping others to enjoy it as much as I do.

So I wanted to share with you all what this incredible opportunity has done for me, what it can do for you and what’s really involved. If you have any more questions feel free to find me on Facebook or drop me an email

Some of you will already know my journey, especially if you follow my blog. Mental health illness in the form of borderline personality disorder and generalised anxiety disorder spiralled in 2018 leaving with quitting a job I enjoyed due to a fear of leaving my house. I began as an independent consultant for the body shop at home to just make a little extra cash. I had hoped that £50 – £100 a month if I could do it from my phone and home would help me feel like I was contributing. This kit here changed my life, this little kit 👇🏻

I had always loved body shop, getting it since I was a child for birthdays and Christmas but I had really used any of the new ranges and when my kit of products arrived I loved trying it all out. To be honest I just loved being able to pamper myself, do some self care and girly nights in with my daughters without having to pay for it. I soon began taking a few photos and even the odd video and lots of people took an interest in my journey. At this point I became an area manager with a small team. I was ecstatic and Christmas was paid for entirely by me.

I soon began earning good money and loving the freebies you could earn each month. I did 2 parties but at the time I found them difficult, my confidence has grown over time and I now love them. On Boxing Day I found out I had won an all incisive holiday to Barbados, which I went to in March. By the time I won a city break to Paris I had a team of 14 managers and 250 consultants and had promoted to area manager.

The benefits in my lifestyle has been incredible, I still have bad days and this job works around them. I have to work, my role isn’t optional, especially now with a team of managers and consultants, but it’s still flexible. If I have a bad day, which are much fewer due to therapy I took on last year, but I do have them, then I can take the day or even days off. I have no-one to ask and no boss. I have a team of men and women all over the UK from consultants to managers, to my friend and senior regional manager Roselyn Wragg who help me every single day. I have made so many amazing friends as well as business partners.

The head office team have been incredibly supportive not just with my business but in understanding my condition and working with me. That’s huge to me and I will never forget it.

This job has all been possible on my terms, my choices, my hours, around my therapy, my girls and my family commitments. It’s not for everyone, it’s not always easy and it’s certainly a lot of work, but the rewards are incredible. The friendships, the support, the recognition (I love a certificate and a sash, let alone holidays and earnings), the training, the confidence, just the transformation in me.

I’ve made it back into my community, attending events with my girls at their schools, meeting friends, even talking on stage at events. My girls have their mum back

And it’s not just the job, it’s the business, the company. So many businesses, especially online can feel risky, or dodgy… for me The Body Shop At Home is such a force for good. Their vision is to fight for a more beautiful and fairer world. Going back to our roots when Anita Roddick founded the Body Shop in 1976 and they branched out to help people work from home over 25 years ago. We are activists at heart with bloody good period campaigns, forever against animal testing, cote charity and our community fair trade work helping communities all over the world. This business ticks every box.

We have a current offer to join our team until the 13th January. It’s an incredible offer and all the training can be done to suit you. There’s no targets or contracts, just you choosing to run your business your way. I can’t wait to help even more people.

If you’ve even got a thought of interest then please drop me a message or email to or you can find me on Facebook here

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