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Barbados was beautiful

What can I say… I’ve been back almost a month and it truly was a once in a life time experience. For nothing else than I travelled alone, well without my husband to the most incredible place. And it was all for FREE!

From arriving at the hotel the night before I flew I knew it was going to be something special. When I walked into my room, my regional manager, Suzanne, had placed some lovely gifts on my bed …

How could it get any better… but it did… least of all I learnt how to use snapchat thanks to Heather, for which I will always be grateful. Not so much for the filters, although they are fun, but I now understand what my kids are talking about.

From arriving at the airport we were greeted with more goody bags and helped to check in. The flight was fine, my anxiety wasn’t bad at all. I was just full of excitement, and then we arrived…

Barbados baby…

I know there are so many photos in this blog, but I don’t think words or pictures could explain. Our holiday was full of gifts on our pillows or treats as we sat for dinner

From start to finish the food was incredible at Crystal Cove resort. And don’t even get me started on the Mango dakiri… AMAZING

We had a day trip on the body, the catamaran and went snorkelling with turtles 🐢. It was incredible

I am so lucky and so privelledhed to work got this company

And now.., now I’ve won a trip to Paris. I cannot wait x

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