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Cant sleep won’t sleep

Arrrrggggghhhh I could scream if it wouldn’t involve waking up everyone in the house. It’s almost 4am and I’m here, wide awake having not yet been to sleep. It’s so frustrating being reliant on medication for everything and then forgetting.

So this last two weeks I’ve been ill with a chest infection again. I’ve been up and down, but mostly in bed. I’ve had the usual antibiotics, two lots of steroids and an unhealthy amount of visits to my GP. In the midst of all that I’ve forgotten to order my repeat prescription which I take daily to help with my mental health illnesses. So even though I’ve been in the doctors surgery three times this week, I’ve not remembered or been reminded to look after my mental health whilst I’ve been unwell and now I have to keep everything crossed that they’ll do me an emergency script tomorrow. Not just that but I have to hope I can do that on little or no sleep depending if I drop off before the kids wake up.

This isn’t the first time, in fact every time my physical health takes a knock, I slip with my mental health. With my ability to function properly or remember everything, especially medication. I wish there was a way of my medication been remembered for me, or was at least available when I forget at the last minute.

I’m hoping I might get an hour or two, but either way I remember to contact my doctors and ask for a repeat of any of my medications.

Does anyone have any useful tips on remembering medication to take or to order. I tried my calendar and a pill box but i still used to forget. I now take more tablets than ever before and I need to not forget them. If you do please share, I’m open to trying anything that stops me from being awake at 4am again

Right let’s try to sleep….

Night Sarah x

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