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Relapse of worry

I have to remember on nights like today how far I’ve come. It’s hard because today I had a lot of things to do, a lot of places to be and lots of people to meet and I was overwhelmed from the moment I woke up.

Instead of clearing my head, prioritising those things that would be good for me, healthy for my body and mind, I worried. I procrastinated and did anything but the prep for my therapy, attend my other support group, attend my gym induction, and the day passed by without my crossing anything off my to do list. I didn’t even relax, or switch off, I didn’t watch a film or pamper or have a nap. I just worried, helplessly moping. Now usually this would be the start of a deep dark spiral, but today it’s not, today is almost finished, I’ve made peace with my relapse and tomorrow is a new day.

It’s a learning curve. No guilt, just face it and do it anyway

DBT week 2 starts tomorrow

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