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Barbados… I’m coming 🇧🇧

So it’s official, last week I qualified for an all expenses 5* star holiday to Barbados… just for doing my job.

Less than 4 months ago I had become pretty much house ridden, refusing to leave the safety of my 4 walls unless critical. There was no real need to venture out into the scary unknown when I knew exactly what would or would not happen in the throes of my own home. My anxiety had taken over yet another aspect of my life and at the time I wasn’t even bothered.

Of course when I left my job, a job I loved, money became tight and I was struggling to be motivated to even get out of bed. I saw a post about body shop and selling from home, online and at parties. I sent a message to my friend and had signed within the hour. What did I have to lose? £45 for a kit worth £220, to be honest I was just happy for the products and thought I’d see what happened.

I made a few posts on different social media formats telling everyone I had started selling the products I had always loved. I couldn’t believe it, my group grew and grew and I was selling not just to family and friends, but their friends.

Within a week of joining, 2 friends and someone I’d never met asked if they could have some information and they all joined too. Within 28 days I’d been promoted to Area Manager.

Leaving December I had a team if 25 consultants, qualified for an all expenses luxury holiday to Barbados and in less than 4 months since joining I’ve early almost £8000, growing every month to £3000 in December. This doesn’t include all the products I’ve been receiving for just doing my job and I’m also aiming for the next trip to Paris in a few months time.

My confidence has transformed. I’ve done live videos, done open houses, parties for friends and family and built a team of colleagues from people I know and didn’t know. I’ve found something that I’m good at again and I’m enjoying it. Not least to say all my beauty products are now free and I love the effect the skincare range is having on my lines and creases.

It was only meant to be a little income to help see me through so the kids could still get the occasional treat and I felt I was contributing. I was still spending most of my days in my bed, nursing thoughts of sadness and failure when I started, but I’ve found a purpose again. I’m working alongside my anxiety, refusing to let it hinder me any longer.

I’ve grown in confidence and am now running my own business. I had a purpose beyond being a mum, which still is and always will be my priority, but now I am successful in my own right.

am so excited at where 2019 will take me. 2018 started with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and thinking the year would be a wipe out… I’m now starting my DBT in a couple of weeks in the hope to learn some coping skills for travelling the world.

I’m so glad that I have overcome all the things I have, and shown my girls you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I’m planning the things I want to attract in my life.

2019 I’m coming for you!

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