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Reviewing my October Goals

So as we’re halfway through October, I thought I would review the goals I set myself in my blog a few weeks ago here.

The most important goal was to start leaving the house at least 4 times a week. By week 3 in October and I’ve only stayed in the house 1 day each week. In my first week, I pushed myself to visit my bestie in Scotland and even made it briefly into Edinburgh city centre. I really enjoyed it too, and a cocktail or two.

Although I’ve only made it twice this month, I’ve started helping out at a community drama group, Killamarsh Dreams. They are an amazing group of volunteers engaging children from 5 years plus in singing, drama and dance. It’s a great team to be part of.

I’ve sadly had to rearrange the wellbeing event for 2019. I had cancelled this previously, but it was such a success and it gives me a goal to aim towards which I know is important for me. This will now give me time to create a fantastic event to challenge the last one.

I met Rebecca! She only came home from Dubai about 5 months ago and lives about half an hour away, but I did it and have made plans to see her in November and December.

I managed to get two more blogs in the Huff Post this month and Mental Health First Aid England publishes my blog again. You can read all my Huff Post blogs here.

And I wanted to do some work with the Body Shop At Home. I love their products, so it’s a no brainer for me. Here’s my blog.

So I was hoping to recommend someone, but somehow managed to recommend 12 people into joining. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. My confidence has grown no end, I can do as much or little as I like and there’s no pressure. I’m loving the freebies and commission and even getting a bonus now. Let me know if you would like any information or email me at

Wow, I was just hoping for a few extra pennies in the run up to Christmas & now there is a team of 13 consultants all over the UK! Delivery day is my favourite day of the week

With still some of October left I am looking forward to heading into my old workplace soon as I miss everyone terribly. I’m also hoping for a night out with the hubby too to see the new A star is born film!

Hope you’re having a great month too,

Sarah x

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