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Starting with the BodyShop At Home

I used to work with The BodyShop a few years ago and have always loved their products. So when anxiety & my borderline personality disorder (BPD) drove me to leave my job, a job I loved, I thought that would be it. I had prepared to not work at all as I waited for my therapy & DBT.

Recently I got the opportunity to start trying their products again & I fell in love. The Body Shop At Home is exactly that, products from home. I can work from my own home surrounded by comfort blanket of being home. On those days I do feel well, all the more reason to get out & party! I even ventured to Edinburgh this weekend… not without any hiccups but I did it.

The BodyShop At Home is already, in just a few days, giving me some confidence back, along with some additional things:

  • Fantastic access to discounted products that I know & love
  • Make new friends in my area & start to re-create a social circle which I’ve stopped doing with my anxiety
  • Make an income
  • Work with an amazing team, learning from them & making new friends
  • Finding the confidence in myself again & do something fun
  • And did I mention getting amazing products and freebies

By the time I thought it through it was a no brainer. I have always & will always love the Body Shop & I’ll write a blog soon on my favourite products & the Christmas gifts. If you want to have a look at my Facebook group you can join here. I can post out to anywhere in the UK & we get amazing offers.

Also, if you too would be interested in finding out more, drop me an email at I never believed you could work from home & have fun. The freebies are amazing & I’m growing in confidence daily. There’s no targets which for me is the best thing. I’m just loving it! It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK there’s an opportunity for everyone.

I’m fed up of letting BPD takeover my life, now I’m finding ways to live my life with it.

Sarah xx

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