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October Mini goals

This weekend I did a lot of looking back, always focusing on the failures, the things I did wrong, the mistakes I made & I had to stop myself, because I actually got some things right. I need to learn to focus more on these & appreciate them, rather than focus on the negative.

So today is the 1st of October & I need to set myself some goals. This is the hardest thing for me because I don’t seem to be able to aim realistically. I set high unachievabld targets, then crash when I can’t achieve them. But in the same sense I NEED to find motivation to get up & our each day. When I have nothing to aim for I can imagine just laying in bed for days on end without getting up & it’s a slippery slope.

So here’s my goals for October:

  • To leave the house at least 4 times a week. I am going to be realistic & know that most days I’m not going to want to do this, but I need to allow myself those days by ensuring more days that not I leave my house
  • I’m going to re-arrange the wellbeing event. I had cancelled this previously, but it was such a success & it gives me a goal to aim towards
  • I’m going to volunteer at Killamarsh Dreams, the drama club my kids attend, 2 hours every Thursday. I’m going to make sure I attend 3 out of 4 weeks, again allowing myself the week when I can’t face it, without feeling a failure
  • I’m going to go into work & say goodbye to all the amazing people who work there & thank them for everything – they are amazing
  • I’m going to meet my friend Rebecca one day! She’s been home from Dubai for months & ive cancelled more times that I can count, but October I will be seeing you!

  • To get back to writing blogs for the HuffPost & get another published
  • And I want to do some work with the Body Shop At Home. I love their products, so it’s a no brainer for me. Here’s my blog

And that’s it. Some of these seem easy, some of these seem more challenging & my mindset is to exceed targets, achieve more & I can’t say I won’t try & then feel bad if I fail. But these are my written goals for the month of October & I’ll keep you updated on how they go.

What’s your goals for October?

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