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Fortunate me!

Today I count my blessings. I know it’s been very negative from me lately, & I apologise for that, I’m still not out the other side but getting there.

I’m feeling fortunate for so many things

  • My daughters
  • My husband
  • My sisters

These really do hold me together when the glue starts to crack!

My CPN, Cheryl, she is a credit to herself & the NHS, she has fought for me on some many occasions when I have been unable to fight for myself

  • The rest of my family
  • My bestest friends, alex, jess & Lydia who I talk to daily
  • A job which I love & who try their best to support me even when it’s seems impossible
  • My work colleagues – at Good Things Foundation I have so much support, even the Board members
  • Christine & Tony, Kirsty’s parents
  • My other friends, who may be in touch less frequently but I know they are there
  • My next door neighbour Rebecca who reminds me of everything I forget (which is pretty much everything)
  • My new support group, (never thought that would be my thing)

The patience, support & understanding I’ve had from everyone in my life. I don’t understand myself or my condition so I have no idea how you put up with me so frequently, especially the changes but thank you. When I am well I cannot wait to return the favours in those small ways you have all helped me. The text, the card, the chocolates & gifts (especially the socks!)

I have a fantastic life although my brain doesn’t always understand how to behave through it. I had an amazing mum, mum-in-law, father-in-law & best friend who watch over me every day. I also have so many amazing members of my family.

I know it’s hard to see or hear me when I’m down and sad, but I’m turning the corner. Last week I started a support group & had my psychiatrist appointment brought forward to this month, thanks to my amazing CPN. Next week I’m starting new medication, & I’m finally 10th on the DBT waiting list, so hopefully it will be much sooner than January 2020.

More time thinking about how amazing my life is should start to help with the leaps forward I’m making after a few bad weeks.

Thanks for your support as always

Sarah xx

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