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Interview with Eleanor Segall

Eleanor Segall is one of the busiest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She’s an incredible writer, blogger and also amongst other things a mentor. I’ve found her incredibly passionate, supportive and constructive as I begin the early stages of my career. As someone I admire and look up to who had battled her own mental health condition of bipolar, I am inspired and in awe of the work she is achieving but also how she is constantly striving to achieve more. I wanted to find out more about her and share it with you all.

Sarah: Hi Eleanor, thank you so much for talking to me. When did you realise you wanted to do something different with your life?

Eleanor: I have loved writing from a young age and always knew that I wanted to work in an arts industry. In fact my original dream from aged 9/10 was to be an actress and I studied drama at university and drama school. However, due to my mental health and other reasons, I decided against being a full time actress and went into teaching. I then realised my true calling in writing, blogging and journalism and havn’t looked back! My English degree and passion for breaking the stigma around mental illness meant that I set up my blog ‘Be Ur Own Light’ to educate people on mental health bipolar disorder. My blog then led me into freelance writing for charities, newspapers and magazines and now it is my career.

This year I was published in, Glamour Magazine and Cosmopolitan – big dreams for me.

I am also writing a book on my life story with bipolar disorder and anxiety which is being published next year by Trigger publishing!

S: Wow, you are so busy. Why are you so passionate about helping others?

E: I really want to help young people and others struggling with their mental health. I was only 16 when I was hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information for teenagers and there was a huge stigma, which led to me feeling ashamed and having social anxiety. I want to teach people that mental health is the same as physical health- the brain is an organ too and that its OK to ask for help.

I also want people to know that you can live a good life when you are well and on the right medication. It is not a life sentence despite being chronic if you find a treatment that works. I really want to go into schools but also teach older generations that mental illness can affect anyone of any age, sex or religion. I hope through my work- I do that.

S: You’re so busy. How do you balance your life?

My work is from home mainly and flexible meaning I can take self care days should I need. I am getting married next year which can be stressful though lovely so I make sure that my work life isn’t too stressful. Its not easy these days with all women have to face but I make sure I prioritise self care such as sleeping well, eating, taking medication and relaxation methods. I try not to take too much on at once.

S: Who inspires you most?

E: So many people inspire me. My friend Jonny Benjamin MBE and his friend Neil Laybourn for all they do for mental health. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and so many more…

S: So do you have a moto or mantra?

E: ‘This too shall pass’ for any sad times. Just to live, laugh and love – and make the best of each day when I am well.

S: I love that. What else do you do?

E: I am a blogger, writer, journalist and soon to be author. I also run social media for a new radio station Property Radio and I volunteer with Jami – the Jewish association for Mental Illness.

S: What’s your no 1 piece of advice?

E: Make sure you are kind to yourself and look after you. Your health is so important

S: You already do so much, what’s next for you?

I am writing a book on my life story as well as my usual work for and other publications. I have some exciting collaborations to be published.

My dream is to reach more people and maybe become a speaker!

To find out more about Eleanor you can find her here

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Twitter: @Eleanor Segall @beurownlight

Facebook: Eleanor Segall Writer

Instagram: @eleanorsegall @beurownlightblog

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