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Cornwall camping Pod

So believe it or not, at 35 years old, I have never visited the Cornwall coast or anywhere in that region. We’re off their for a few days during the summer and I’m looking for tips & ideas on where to go and what to do & see.

We haven’t camped for many years and so we’ve gone halfway this year by booking a great camping pod at Meadow Lakes, in St Austell and we can’t wait.

So before you ply me with ideas I need you to know the plan. The plan is a cheap pleasant few days, walking, maybe biking, heading to beaches. Breakfast comprising of cereal and toast with dinners anything from tinned beans and sausages, to the best local fish and chips. What are the best beaches, especially with our crazy springer?Is there a tea room we have to visit?

Theres my husband and I, our 2 girls aged 8 and 11 and our spring spaniel Oscar.

What must we not leave home without?

Where should we go?

What should we pack?

What do we need to buy?

What can we not miss?

This is a strange post but it’s completely interactive… so please share with me your ideas & I’ll ensure to write up full blogs with everything to help others in the future!

Exciting times!

Sarah x

2 thoughts on “Cornwall camping Pod”

  1. Hello, I just came across your blog today… thank you for sharing your experience and helping to normalise suffering. I have been interested in all these topics for a while now, having woken up to the fact that there had been significant but covert trauma in my own family. I then could piece together so many behaviours, experiences, challenges, dysfunctional relationships over my 36 years (I was in my mid 30s when I suddenly became aware at a deeper level of what I had actually experienced and been part of). I know your post is about fun stuff! And I hope you have a good time in Cornwall… but I wanted to share something related to BPD. I recently came across and have been working with something called internal family systems, not sure if you have heard of it. It is a non pathologising approach to mental health. And wanted to share an article with you, which is helpful and enlightening to anyone suffering or with BPD I think. Hope that’s ok to post here and that you get something out of it:

    Cat x

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