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The Secret – I never knew what I was missing, do you?

The Secret

The book I am currently reading & along with The Secret Daily Teachings.

I have been overwhelmed at the impact this book has already had in my life. To think that within two weeks of purchasing & beginning to read this book, I’m blown away at the power of thought & the law of attraction. The fact that my thoughts influence my actions & those things around me, had never occurred to me before, but when Emily Wilkinson recommended it to me I could feel within minutes of turning the first page how it would change me.

I haven’t finished yet & this is simply to say that it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, but also the impact it has had on my Positive Thinking. Not only that, but without giving away too much about the exciting opportunities coming up, 3 really big things have happened to me & one of those was coming 2nd at the Mental Health Blogger of the Year Awards this weekend. As someone just approaching my 6 month anniversary I was blown away.

I can’t wait to review this book fully & properly, but believe me if I’m not the only person in the world to not know the secret, then you should read it too!

This daily teaching from last week really stuck with me. Persistence! We all learn new behaviour & slip back, keep persisting & it will become a habit & a positive one!

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