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Day by day!

Last night I was in torture

Wondering when the thoughts would end

My mind just wouldn’t switch off

And was driving me round the bend

I felt so tired & frustrated

All I could do was cry

But then in public smile away

I worked hard on that to try

Laid in bed I couldn’t sleep

I just couldn’t get my thoughts to stop

But at some point I drifted off

And slept all night to top it off

I woke up feeling daisy fresh

My head feels so much better

I feel ready to face the day

I feel a little fresher

Some times there’s no reason why

And sometimes there’s so many

The rollercoaster of life we live

With BPD it could be any

My positive pants are firmly on

I’m keeping them on all day

Because it’s the end of the week for me

My Thursday it’s everyone’s Friday!

Sarah x

My minds

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