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Now I’m no beauty blogger, there’s no video or even photos of me before, after or applying the make-up. That’s not my thing, but I have struggled since going into the menopause & with anxiety to find make-up that lasts.

Being in the menopause at 35 doesn’t help, even with HRT, being overweight is another contributing factor & when anxiety hits there might as well be a river running from the roots of my hair. The last few weeks of the heatwave has been wonderful. I love summer, but usually I would be broken by the fact that the heat would add further to my frustrations & it was little point applying make up at all. But I have found a few little bits which are helping & I wanted to share!

Firstly I started using a primer & foundation from Ester Lauder. Double Wear. Now I’m not someone who spends a lot on make up, I never really see the point, but this combination is amazing. However much I sweat throughout the day, as long as I only dab it with a tissue rather than rub, my cover up stays in place. It’s incredible. I bought it in February, use most days & im not even halfway through either so it’s fantastic value overall for the security it offers me. I paid £33.50 from John Lewis but I don’t think I’ll ever wear anything else. I doesn’t stop me sweating, but coverage doesn’t change all day!

I’ve found wearing minimal make up works best too, so a light waterproof mascara during the day. I usually use Rimmel as I can pick it up at the supermarket & I know it works. It’s usually £5-£6. Topped up with a benefit lash in the evening if I’m off out, which is rare these days so it lasts me ages, so I don’t mind paying £17-£19.

However what’s really helped has been the lash lifts I’ve been getting from Alex Worrall Nail & Beauty. For £25 I get a lash lift & tint & brow wax & tint & it totally changes my face

I use a selfie powder which seems to dry out the sweat called Mark! I love it. It’s from Avon & I think I got it on offer at £10 but I’d pay 3 times that. I absolutely absorbs all the sweat especially on my hair line & I don’t leave the house without it. I get my Avon products from Amelia’s Avon who completely understands my needs & is great for keeping an eye out for your best offers!

I also have oil dabbers from Avon with Amelia which really work.

I have a great face setter spray from Lauren at FM Fragrance & although I’m using up all my other fragrances, I’ll never by another one except from her range. The price difference is insane & they are identical. If anything the product seems to last longer. Plus I just love Lauren who is the sweetest person you could wish to meet!

I vary my bronzer & blush. I have a ted baker one I got in a set, perfect for taking out, and I use a benefit one at home. The Ted Baker set was a Christmas gift from Boots so look out as they’ll be on sale before you know it. The Benefit Cheek pallete can be as much as £50, but I try to look for sales & deals, but I still think it’s worth it.

I tend to use a simple Vaseline lip balm for the day. Generally you can get this from most pharmacists or beauty shops from £1.49. Most supermarkets sell it too! It’s a winner for me.

As you can see, some people like to stick with the same products, but I’m a mix & match kind of gal!

Check out some of the products, but if you have any other recommendations or things you’d like me to try then please get in touch! I’m happy to try things that could improve the situation even more.

If I could be sweat free & keep natural looking makeup on all day I’d be so happy!

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  1. I have just discovered a product called face saver. It’s a face anti perspirant and it’s a life saver. I too am going through an early ‘that time of life’ and ‘glow’ that much I couldn’t even put make up on to start with. And it smells just like my late mum did.

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