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Meeting Emily Wilkinson, founder of the Female Success Hub

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Female Success Hub, Emily Wilkinson. What can I say? I can’t think of anything she doesn’t do, whilst managing to balance life as a working mum of 2, Ruby & Alfie. Alfie joined us & was so well behaved & cute. And at 25, she runs the Elite Business Academy, along with her dad, Craig Wilkinson, who won Yorkshire Business Man of the Year, but has also found time to launch the Female Success Hub. The Female Success Hub is a positive & empowering Facebook group with over 1.9K members within its first month. Women are sharing goals, dreams, ideas & networking from all over the UK, & is now going global. I couldn’t wait to meet her & find out how she does it all & why!

Sarah: When did you realise you wanted to do something different with your life?

Emily: I matured quite quickly in school. I would always be invited to parties with the “popular” kids, but I always related to & would spend time with the “geeky” ones too. I was encouraged to go to University & wanted to study Criminal Psychological Profiling. The award I won at my Sixth Form Prom was “Most Likely to become a Pornstar”. I started at Leeds Met Uni, but soon realised my ideas didn’t fit in “political boxes” & decided it wasn’t for me. I’d been dating Carl since I was 16 so we had already bought a house together. We’d been together nearly 4 years & decided to try for a baby. Imagine me coming home to tell everyone “Yes, so all the time & effort you’ve put into helping me get into University, well I don’t want to do it anymore, I’m pregnant & I have no idea what career path I want to take in life (oh and I’ve spent my maintenance loan I need to pay back too”. I had to grow some “lady balls” pretty quickly. My family were supportive & I felt unconditional love for the first time I held my beautiful daughter Ruby in my arms (I’m crying just thinking about this). From that exact moment I knew I had to give her my everything, to be an amazing mum and to make her proud.

S: I love how much family & your children mean to you & I can relate to wanting to wanting to make your kids proud, it’s my biggest motivator. So why are you so passionate about helping others?

E: I’ve always been passionate about helping others. I’ve always said I was born with too much empathy (I’m always crying if I watch TV). It honestly fulfils me with so much satisfaction to help other people. There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing you’ve genuinely made a difference to someone’s day or life.

S: I think it’s the best quality in life empathy, but I know what you mean about too much. How do you balance such a successful working life with a young family?

E: The only way to describe the balance between my work & family life is organised chaos. I work 2 days a week where I take myself to the office & I have a full length whiteboard wrapping around it, so I can get creative & make phone calls & plans in peace, without being disturbed. The other days of the week are very much focussed around being present & making memories with the kids. I do Messy Play, Waterbabies & Playgroup with Alfie. I also take Ruby to Gymnastics, Dance & Swimming in-between the school runs. I do look forward to gaining a little me-time back as they get older (a pee in peace would be blissful). Weekends are quality family time, often with a kid’s party thrown in. I’m a very organised person which is a strength. I’m always available to my members & clients 24/7 via Social Media & our Whatsapp groups, but I mute these & check them as & when is convenient for me. My brain never switches off though, I have a truly entrepreneurial mind but that’s what happens when you’ve got a passion!

S: That’s amazing! You totally inspire me & I’m sure many other women too. Who inspires you most?

E: Wow. Nearly every woman I meet inspires me. Anyone who’s committed to growing & improving their life & takes action to do so, I have so much admiration for. I’m addicted to Personal Development. Tony Robbins is amazing I was lucky enough to attend his Unleash The Power Within event in London last year. My Dad is a HUGE inspiration to me. Starting out with no qualifications as a 1 man band joiner to becoming Yorkshire’s Business Man of The Year with 16,000 votes is insane. I work with him too running The Elite Business Academy. There’s plenty of successful and inspirational women I admire, too many to list!

S: Do you have a moto or mantra?

E: The mantra I live by is, to have a positive impact on as many people as possible & to always provide value. It’s never about money with me, it’s about how many people you can genuinely say you’ve helped!

“Stay Classy, Sassy & a bit Bad-Assy” is the Motto for the Female Success Hub.

S: I love that! So talking about the Female Success Hub, how did it start & why?

E: The Female Success Hub is to Empower, Motivate & Support Women. Whether they are a Stay at Home Mum or a Career Girl (or even retired!) It was born out of me working in such a male dominated industry. Being a young mum, small & blonde, with tons of ambition I’m probably not what people think of when they think of your stereotypical Business Coach. I’ve had to overcome a lot of stigma. I’ve come across women in the industry that have been very competitive & I don’t believe it’s pretty. I think women should all help one another. We all face the same challenges, in motherhood, in work, dealing with our body image etc. Bitchiness / Drama & Negativity is soooo dead to me. The Female Success Hub are creating a movement of inspiring & successful women that are unapologetically themselves & each of them know they have a tribe of women behind their back – their own personal cheerleaders!

I’ll be honest I have tons of exciting plans for the Female Success Hub that I am mega giddy about & that will happen. However, Alfie is only just 1 & I made a promise to myself that I’d be present with him & give him all my time & attention before he starts school. He’s my last baby & precious time went so quick with Ruby at this age. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, if I want something I’ll work my booty off to get it. Therefore, it is frustrating at times as I want to get stuck in & throw my everything into the Female Success Hub. However, my little man needs me right now so I’ll be announcing plans as & when we are ready to which I hope women can respect.

S: I think so many can relate to that, I certainly can & I love that your kids are your priority. The Hub has grown so quickly though, how did you do that?

E: The Female Success Hub has grown pretty organically. I haven’t added anyone myself into the Facebook Group, women are all talking about it & recommending to their friends to come & get involved. There’s plenty of value & knowledge shared. Whether it’s chat about Bikini’s, Business or Babies, there’s a real amazing & unique feel to the women supporting other women in there! I even went to a new class last week and had 2 ladies approach me and say “Wow, you’re Emily we are in your Female Success Hub group and we love it we’ve learnt so much and made new friends already”. We have been running the group for just 1 month & already have a whopping 1.9K members!

S: Incredible, so can anyone join?

E: The Female Success Hub is an all-inclusive environment. We welcome… Business Women, Stay at Home Mums, Network Marketers, Sass Queens & Ladies with a positive mindset! The more you engage & contribute towards conversations in the group, the more you’ll make friends, build your brand awareness & credibility etc. We welcome women of all ages & backgrounds. We have women from all over the world connecting with and learning from each other. Ladies can join us without fear of judgement & know they are in a safe & inspiring community.

[Unfortunately, we do not allow coaches into the group. This is because women will ask for our help in confidence & I want to ensure the help they receive is fromsomeone I can trust & I know gets results. I have partnerships with experts in various areas I can highly recommend to ladies within thegroup]

S: What others services do you offer, as I know coaching & keynote speaking are just a couple?

E: I have one to one coaching clients. I work with some on a personal level. For example:

  • Ladies that are feeling insecure, anxious or overwhelmed, I help them find their sparkle & be the confident, classy women they were born to be
  • Some of my clients have experienced tragic events in their life such as illness, loss of loved ones, abuse, divorce etc. but we work together on establishing a new direction & creating happiness & success, these things make us stronger!
  • I also work with Women that own businesses & are involved in Network Marketing.

I coach them in various areas such as:

• Business Planning

• Marketing Strategy

• Social Media

• Cash & Finance

• Time Management & Results

• Residual Income

• Networking & Contacts

• Products & Services

• Mindset & Personal Development

• Products & Services

• Customer Service

• Systems & Procedures

• Team & Training

I often do group coaching full day masterclasses too.

I have been a Keynote Speaker for various events both nationally & internationally. My biggest gig was presenting on stage in Barcelona to 20,000 people (talk about escaping your comfort zone… I do practice what I preach!)

I’ve also been Co-Author of a Book called Pillars of Leadership. I’m proud to run the Elite Business Academy too. Hybrid Networking / Business Coaching & Personal Development monthly events in Leeds & Sheffield. These are for business owners both male & female. We have over 100 attendees at each event, with & members & guests traveling from all over the UK, like Essex & Wales every month to join us. Members have passed £13.9million of business between each other last year. We have phenomenal Keynote Speakers at each event who share valuable knowledge & stories with our members too!

The EBA have their own Podcast Channel & TV show (EBATV) as well as online membership & FB group.

Tickets to live events are available…




S: There is so much to what you do & how you can add value to businesses, organisations & individuals. What’s your number 1 piece of advice?

E: My number one piece of advice is: Read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. My Favourite Quote is by Jim Rohn: “Formal Education will make you a living, Self Education will make you a fortune”. My favourite Motivational Video: Dream by Mateusz M

S: What do you hope for your children?

E: I hope my children grow up to know that I love them with all my heart. That I’ll always be here no matter what for them. I hope to teach them to be kind to others. Ruby is actually the most conscientious 5 year old you could ever imagine she’s just been nominated for & won The Sheffield School’s Choice Award. I want them to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. They do not need to conform to societies expectations. If they are genuinely happy in life that is all that matters. Mummy is going to make you both proud. You are my Why’s.

S: You must be so proud of Ruby for that award, she’s clearly already following in your footsteps & so proud of gorgeous Alfie! What’s next for you?

I’m very quickly ticking all my goals off my vision board. I need to think bigger. I’ve just raised £1.5K for Sheffield Children’s & Jessops Hospital by doing a 15,000ft Skydive & nominated for a Just Giving Award. I was so excited to be selected. (You can vote here & Emily’s fundraising details are here I want to continue to give back to others & push myself outside my comfort zone. I’m getting married to Carl next year in Santorini exactly 10 years to the date we met. My Vision for the Female Success Hub is to be the biggest & most supportive group of women in the world (Who Run The World…Girls!) I honestly believe if we all worked together we could create a movement of marching heels that could make a huge impact on the world & future generations. I want to inspire & motivate women to do more, have more & be more. I don’t just want to develop a brand, I want to create a legacy. I will never stop loving, supporting & encouraging other women to follow their dreams & I’ll do everything I can to help them achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

S: Any final thoughts?

E: I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an incredible lady & giving me the chance to feature in your blog that I love to read! Also thank you for supporting & getting involved with the Female Success Hub.

S: Awww thanks Emily, that’s so kind. I love the Female Syccess Hub & look forward to being more involved. So how can we get in touch with you?

You can find me, Emily Wilkinson & connect with us on Social Media: #FemaleSuccessHub

Join the FB group: “Female Success Hub”

Connect with us on Instagram



Phone number: 07805259188

The website is currently not live, as it is being loaded with tons of valuable content.

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