Borderline Personality Disorder

Friendship throughout the years

I recently read an article that caused me to realise I probably fluctuate between all of the appropriate & non-appropriate friendship zones, you can take a look at it here.

I’ve changed the names for obvious reasons, but friends come & go. I believe strongly that sometimes it’s no-ones fault when people drift apart, other times there is a reason. The most important thing is to try to accept what you can be & be the best friend you can be. We all have times we are useless, I have more than my fair share, & mistakes, we’ll I could reel them off for hours, but I try & learn.

So firstly I had my bestest friend from nursery. We lived close by & we’re together from around ages 4 til we stopped studying at 18. We’re still in touch, although we rarely see each other.

There was then my core secondary school group of 6 of us, who for 5 years, give or take the odd girly argument, we were close.

Secondary school was where I met Alex, who soon became a close friend due to our terrible & amazing taste in boybands, hence our obsession with Boyzone & Take That. We live around 4 hours apart & yet we see at least one of our musical favourites, Robbie, Olly, Take That, each year & still meet up whenever we can. She also introduced me to my next group of friends, who again are still such an important part of my life

When college hit & the pubs began to be our hangout I met Kirsty, Jess, Rebecca & a few others. We all went on a wonderful girls holiday to Kos & have mostly kept in touch.

We’ve had universities, jobs, travelling, moving away, weddings, babies & so much more. We became the closest we have ever been when we lost our Kirsty Jennings forever. On her birthday this year I wrote this blog & will forever miss her in our catch ups. It will never be the same without her. We did however have the fortune of adding many of Kirsty’s family & friends into our lives. I’m forever grateful of meeting Lydia, Alex, Christian, Christine & Tony. Because more than anything I would never have made it through these last couple of years without.

I spent many years with my husbands friends girlfriends & wives & had great times meeting new people, nights out, birthdays, hen do’s & even holidays.

When life changed for me, I made amazing friends at Slimming World, who I still don’t see often enough. Ali G, Christine & Lynne we’re always my room buddies on events and we’d catch up regularly to put the world to writes & have a cocktail or two. I also had some amazing friends in my team including, Lucy, Jo, Catherine, Anna, Alison, Fran, Ali & many more. I met even more amazing people as friends, who again social media helps me keep in touch with & so many of these turned up at my wellbeing event to help me out after all this time.

I have some amazing new colleagues at work who make every day amazing & are always trying to make sure I’m looked after if I’m feeling delicate. The lovely Zoe, Ewa & Radhika are just a few & I can’t imagine life without them now.

Finally my best of friends have to be my family. My two beautiful daughters, my husband & my two sisters. All of whom I have become so much closer to & hug that little bit tighter since loosing my mum over 3 years ago. These are the people for whom life & their happiness is mine.

So when I get irrational, frustrated, lonely & sad that I have no friends, I am going to try & take a minute to remember I do. I have had a lot throughout the years, so really, I’m very lucky!

Sarah x

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