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My little sisters wedding

What a beautiful day we had for a beautiful bride.

From the moment she woke up, she came into the room where I was sleeping in our suite & made me a cup of tea. Cool as a cucumber! It was just before 7am & she was as excited as could be. We chatted over how the day would go & I eventually made her a cup of tea! From the hairdresser, our lovely friend Kelly, arriving at 8am til I got back in my room around 1.15am, the day flew by.

Not once did Rachael show a moment of stress or nerves. In fact I was probably the most stressed getting ready as anxiety started to take over & each time I applied my make-up within minutes it was streaming down my face with sweat. These are the times when kids honesty is not necessary or useful, “mum you look awful, like your crying already & your face is just running with water like a tap”! Thanks girls. But as my other sister, Becky, took over on bridal make-up (well everyone’s make-up) I tried cold water on my wrists and fans to keep cool.

Soon we were all at the venue awaiting Rachael’s arrival & in no time she was walking down the isle & I was in tears. Not just that this is what she has always wanted, but that my mum would have been so proud of her. She blubbered her way beautifully through her vows & then she was Mrs Middleton.

The usual photos & kids running around outside continued the day with pimms & beers before afternoon tea! We then had three short & funny speeches from the Father of the Bride (my dad), the Groom (my new brother-in-law) & the Best Man (my husband).

The evening was just as much fun, there was a brief shower of rain & then the sun came out. I had to change my dress & Rachael didn’t mind at all. They cut the cake, had their first dance & spent the evening with family & friends.

It was a wonderful day & this morning I took this quick shot of some of the cousins enjoying breakfast.

Family means everything. We missed my mum & Danny’s dad but it was such a special day. Treasure your family & all the wonderful memories you make

Sarah x

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