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Self care & my guest blog for Psychreg

Today Psychreg published a guest blog by me, you can read it here, about selfcare. Reading back through it I realised tonight’s my night for self-care. After being unwell, I’ve managed my first week back at work & tomorrow I’m off to help start the wedding preparations.heres the photo from Rebecca’s wedding what feels like so long ago.

I remember feeling overweight & uncomfortable here, but had an amazing day. I’m much bigger now but I’ve learnt to realise that it’s not about me & who cares what I look like.

I’m looking forward to a bubble bath & candles, a face mask and relaxing into a book with a hot chocolate. Because being in a positive mental head space & relaxed will not only be the best for me, but for everyone else so they don’t have to fret about me.

My self-care box will be out & ready & I’ve written a blog in this before, you can take a look here if you’re looking to start one, it’s such an important part of recovery.

I’ve pretty much packed everything I need & the girls are off to the drama class tonight so there’s a bit of peace to relax.

I’m looking forward to wearing my lovely bed socks & snuggling up on the sofa, knowing my working week is over & I have a wonderful weekend with my family.

I’m also feeling much better physically, my hearing is slowly returning & the cough is lessening. Im also still feeling pretty good mentally & saw that we made the Derbyshire Times this week too.

This week I’m feeling like things are manageable

– I’ve worked my first week back

– attended Laila first football tournament

– managed to get beauty prepped for the wedding

– sorted Father’s Day

– booked a short break for us as a family in the school holidays

– attended millies introductory night at comp

And I’m still here. So tonight, before it becomes too much, or anxiety builds I’m going to take some time out for me & rest.

So remember, taking time for you is not just important, it’s vital, it’s about preservation as well as protection. Just like putting your own oxygen mask on before helping anyone else, you won’t be of use to anyone else if you’re not safe & well. Self-care my number 1 tip. Try to take some time for you today

Sarah x

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