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So proud of my little sister getting married this weekend

This Saturday I am so looking forward to my sisters wedding. She is amazing & genuinely one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. She will do anything for anyone & helps me & my other sister, Rebecca, continually with whatever is needed. She is so kind hearted which is often at the expense of her own stress.

She had a wonderful party for her hen weekend, hen blog here, & it was probably the first time she has ever had the spotlight to herself! We didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to &

This Saturday she’s getting what she has always wanted & is getting married to her fiancé, Daniel Middleton. She has done absolutely everything herself for this day & although we’ve tried where we can, we’ve really made little contribution. My sister & I were fortunate enough to have our mum still with us, our mum passed away 3 years ago now, but we’ll make sure she’s there in spirit. So invitations, Flowers, venue hunting, last minute prep everything was done or at least helped by our mum. So on Saturday Rachael gets to make us & my mum so proud, as we watch her get married.

There are people that are unable to come on Saturday for many different reasons. Some are no longer with us, have other plans or unable to make the journey & I know that hurts her. But I know she will miss mum the most & her family know that so we’ll all be there making it amazing for her. I know she is going to have the most amazing day & I literally can’t wait. She deserves nothing but the best! On Friday night, Becky & I get to spend the night at the hotel, chatting through all our memories & giving her loads of rubbish marriage advise, being sisters & letting her feel special, knowing how much we love her.

Do you know what my mum would say, “Live, laugh, love”. Life is too short to worry about money, fallouts with family & friends, silly mistakes, eating too much, worrying about money, whittling over things you can’t change, drinking too much (I’m sure there will be a lot of that this weekend). Life is about being happy! If you can make someone else happy by doing something little then do it! Rachael does all the time. She has faults, we all do, but her biggest faults are probably that she cares too much, tries too hard & talks a lot, even more than me! I wish they were the only faults I had! My faults could take up pages! I’m so proud of her, not only of who she has become, especially after everything she’s been through, but what she does for the rest of our family every day. This weekend is about her & I’m going to make sure she is my priority for her & that everyone is there to make her feel special. It’s going to be amazing. Rachael I love you!

Ps… Danny we hope you have a great day too, but just so you know… You’re well punching! Be grateful, look after her & love her. She deserves it. I wish you every happiness xx

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