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Can’t wait to get back to work & do Good Things

On Monday I’m hoping to be able to go back to work after 2 weeks off sick. A cold that turned into a perforated eardrum, and after 12 days of draining is finally starting to feel better.

Today I have been out of the house and been sat up for most of the day, the first time in almost 2 weeks due to the vertigo & dizziness from my ear infection.

A trip to the hospital in the end, revealing I was on medication making it worse rather than better, started the recovery process on Wednesday & 48 hours later I’m feeling the best I have in a long time.

They were so lovely and were great about my anxiety of being at hospital.

So I’m hoping another 48 hours and I’ll be ready for work back at Good Things Foundation. Love my job as my recent blog for them shows not only are they supportive when I’m ill through mental health, but physical health too.

I can’t wait to get back and start making a difference, as well as catching up with my colleagues & friends!

WARNING ⚠️ to all Good Things Foundation staff, I know I was loud before, but I’ve lost hearing in one ear and will be hard of hearing for 6-12 weeks as my eardrum heals! I was loud before, and annoying, I will try to consciously whisper, but I’m finding that I’m shouting by accident, so please bare with me! I’ve also got to wear these super attractive bad boys for a while, so don’t get jealous!

Hoping to see you all Monday! Missed ya!

Sarah x

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