Wellbeing Event – we did it!

I’m in tears! I made it, it wasn’t easy and I couldn’t stay for long, but my volunteers did wonders. A huge thank you to the Oaks Community Church, Eckington! They set up, helped on the day, they were just amazing. A huge thank you to Sharon, her support, encouragement & everything she has done, I could not have done this event. They gave us the room for free & they’d never even met me before. This church & community centre, at Eckington Friendship Hall have a passion to bring together a community & help everyone.

Hopefully you can watch my video here on Facebook Live introducing our stalls & volunteers. I had to spend the majority of the event laid up as I was too unwell but my amazing team can be seen in this video. Love you all!

My sister Rachael & my 2 daughters, have worked so hard in looking after me all week & setting up the physical side of the event today. Also a huge thanks to Christine, Tony, Dawn, Zena, Mick & Alex who came & helped out in the kitchen & baked & just generally supported this event. I feel so fortunate to have such amazing family & friends.

And all the stalls. Wow! Helens Trust is an amazing organisation which helped my mum when we nursed her in her final days at home. They helped her with equipment at home! They are so amazing.

I met the amazing Magic Magid – I got my selfie and my official photo! He spoke to every single person & took such time to listen to they thoughts, ideas & concerns. Amazing guy & just the coolest Lord Mayor Sheffield! Ever!

Another of my special stalls is Dragon’s Academy, or which we are all a part of as a family. They are amazing and provided great insight into what services they can offer.

Lee Rowley had so many appointments but was able to pop in at the end to chat to some of the stands and people!

We raised over £170 for SODIT

The rest is just pictures because I can’t do anything else. I’m so proud and I hope after 2.5 days in bed recovering this weekend, while my dad looks after my kids, I can appreciate what each of the organisations do & how many people could have met someone or found an organisation that could help & support them in their journey, whatever they are facing.

A full blog to follow next week when hopefully I’m fully fit. Today is the last day you can vote for me for the National Diversity Award for Positive Role Model, so if you have a minute please click here!

Thank you to every single stall!

Eckington Health Referral

Killamarsh Sports Centre

Avon with Amelia

Slimming World


Equal Strands

Eckington Hypnotherapy

Be Cancer Safe

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Derbyshire Mind Advocacy Services

Christians Against Poverty

Mick & his 5 years free from Gamb

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind

Sheffield Slings

Sarah x


  1. […] It’s cliche to tell you that Rome (or London) wasn’t built in a day, and the campaigns that have run about breaking stigma and speaking out such as Heads Together are great and I think have started the ball rolling, but we all have a responsibility. I recently sat at 3am, anxious and unable to sleep. I had an idea. In two weeks I set up a well-being and mental health event in my community to raise awareness. We still managed to raise money and get the new Sheffield Mayor, Magic Magid, who is a bit of a superstar at the moment and our local MP, Lee Rowley, to come along and see that as a community we want change. You can read my blog on the event here. […]

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