mental health

Still ill but please support us tomorrow if I’m there or not! Wellbeing & mental health are so important to me!

Starting the week with a cold, turning into a perforated ear drum, and 3 days laid flat unable to do much except the occasional tweet or email has drained me & I’ve become so anxious.

Not only this, but tomorrow is the day I’ve put my heart & soul into, our #EckingtonWellbeingEvent & here on Facebook. Not only have I had 3 days off sick, I’ve not moved or eaten properly, so unable to plan & prepare as I would like. This is my biggest anxiety trigger, & then to not be able to be there, having spent 3 days becoming more ill & therefore anxious, I’m feeling a pretty big mess. At this moment as I write this I won’t be able to attend. My heart is actually breaking. The pain today in my ear has been so consuming, I’ve spent hours crying & unable to get comfortable. I’m currently rocking this attractive look, no jealousy please!

I’m praying for a miracle as more than anything I’d just like to go to thank everyone and see how successful it is. I’ve got to say I was also hoping for a picture & selfie with the Lord Mayor, Magic Magid, all of our amazing stalls, our nominated charity SODIT and Lee Rowley our local MP.

What I have got is amazing support from a group of fantastic volunteers, of friends & family, who are coming along to help run the kitchen & refreshments, my stall and they are a fabulous bunch. Check out some of these cakes… you don’t wanna miss these

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make it tomorrow or better still have an amazing recovery based on the new drugs from the doctors today & I can attend & enjoy the event I am so passionate about.

The Sheffield Star gave us a fantastic event article & even included my National Diversity Award Nomination. Tomorrow the voting closes, so if you still haven’t chosen anyone to vote for, I’d be so grateful & you can click here to vote.

Keep your fingers crossed & I am hopeful that I sleep well & I can meet you all tomorrow. Either way, please turn up and support this amazing event that I am so passionate about.

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