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2 mini milks, a perforated ear drum and boxset without moving!

So last week I started a blog on being poorly, just a cold, here’s some of it…

From drafted blog: “When you find out it is actually illness rather than all in your head, it almost feels better. The fact the cold is finally starting to leave is a good feeling. But I still think today will be spent laid up getting better with a book… I may have a slight obsession with Mark Billingham & Thorne.

I’ve definitely caught up on the missed sleep from this week though, which really has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

The hubby & kids are working hard on the garden, which when I let go of the guilt of being in bed, is a lovely feeling. He even filled up the hot tub yesterday, so hopefully it’ll be a temperature today and that might help the cold.

Generally I love these sunny days, the warm weather just brings out a happier more optimistic side of me, nothing beats the sun shining down on your face for a little vitamin D!”

Fast forward to Bank Holiday Monday afternoon & I was feeling a bit nauseous & dizzy. Within an hour my ear was in agony. It was so painful. I got up about 9pm in & I won’t go into details but I know it wasn’t right. I was writhing in pain. At 11pm my eldest daughter Millie came down because she could hear my crying and slept on the other sofa so I wasn’t alone. I didn’t sleep all night, until about 5.30am til 7am. Clearly I needed my GP this morning & fortunately they got me straight in as it had started effecting my breathing.

I’ve perforated my ear drum?! I think I was about & last time I did that so Yey, great news. So today I’m off work, tried to eat cereal as you need to eat wit the steroids, but I’m couldn’t manage it. The steroids are for my breathing as it’s all connected & the problems have impacted my breathing So I had a mini milk & then another. To be fair by 5pm I’ve now had 4! There’s 6 left but there may be none tomorrow. I’d bought them for the kids, but my god they helped. Let’s hope the Sopranos boxset sends me off to sleep because at the moment the pain & draining is too uncomfortable to sleep and I’m exhausted. I’ve only had 1.5 hours in the last 37 hours so really need some.

So after a full 7 hours on the sofa I’ve slept for an hour and can’t stand up without feeling dizzy, disorientated and nauseous. So I’ve lost all the sleep hours I made up lol. I’ll be honest, my sister Rachael? has been a life saver as she always is, still having the kids as she was going to while I was working, but she’s keeping them now til Nigel gets home. He’s working let, but I know I’ll feel much less anxious when he’s in the house.

I was having such a positive mental health week. I was & still am looking forward to the #EckingtonWellbeingEvent on Friday & the nominations for my National Diversity Awards closes this Friday, there’s still time tomorrow vote here. I’d even attempted, maybe badly, but I’m trying & learning, my first Vlog of sorts here. Another amazing thing that happened yesterday was that Charlotte Underwood has agreed to guest blog for me. I love her. She writes so honestly & frankly it’s inspiring & I learn so much from her.

So I hadn’t intended writing a blog today, but due to a sick day on the sofa, which may continue, it’s occupied my time a little rather more positively than my own thoughts, which are starting to inch their way in, like in my blog last week about physical health & anxiety.

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