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Wellbeing and mental health event planning

As some of you know already, but in case not, my name is Sarah Cardwell & I’m a 35 year old mum of 2 girls with anxiety & Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. I’m at EA at Good Things Foundation & I’m very passionate about helping signpost others & raising awareness, and one day I hope to help people myself when I am in a healthier mind set & trained.

I was interviewed on Toby Foster last week & through this, my blog & my 2 award nominations through mental health I’ve decided I want to hold an event. An information sharing & support event, that is all inclusive for everyone in my community & further afrield.

It’s last minute so I thought it would be small, but I wanted to do something. The responses I have had have been incredible.

I’m looking for groups, organisations, charities & support networks that help every aspect of our lives. I want to help signpost for my children, family, friends & anyone else I can.

It will be held it in my local community Eckington, S21, Friday 1st June 10am -2pm. We have kindly been offered a venue for free but due to the response I made need something bigger so please get in touch if you can.

I so far have 11 organisations who have booked a stall, but in total those showing interest include:


Mental health awareness

Weight loss

Alcohol abuse support

Alternative therapies


Walking groups & fitness groups, gyms

Social meeting & friendship groups

Women’s Institute

Support for elderly & loneliness

After school clubs

NHS Suppprt groups

Specific health conditions

Stop smoking

Drug abuse services


St Johns Ambulance

If you’re an organisation like those above or others that offers help, support or a service for anyone in our community, further afield or online they please contact me on twitter @sarahcard2006 or leave a comment on this blog.

For those further afield online we will also have an information table with literature, leaflets, posters & help publicising online services & apps etc as well as sharing local community services.

I don’t want to raise money, but awareness! Free refreshments will be provided by myself & some great cakes & buns are being made, so any donations will be collected & given to a local mental health charity.

Finally I ask you to please share this blog on any forums of social media, or email it to people who may be interested to attend either to hold a stall or to attend to seek information.

I want to bring our community together & I want to help others, whatever their needs, find support & services that could help.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. Thank you,

Sarah x

1 thought on “Wellbeing and mental health event planning”

  1. Loving your post about this event. Would be great if I were able to make it but I’m away on holiday at the moment. Sounds great by the looks of what I read though. Let me know how it goes.

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