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The British Taekwondo Association and Universal Freestyle Karate Kickboxing Association training 2018

The British Tawkwondo Association & the UFKKA (Universal Freestyle Karate Kickboxing Association) held their 2nd training gathering last weekend.

Last year as part of my children’s karate club Dragon’s Academy, we went to attend the 50th birthday of the BTA. We had a great training weekend & a fantastic party on the Saturday night. We signed up this year without question.

On Friday night we travelled down to the caravan park held on the seafront of Great Yarmouth. We spent time chatting & socialising with friends of our club.

The next morning at 10am everyone gathered together for team photos. Everyone together & then club photos.

Then the magic began & within minutes I had decided that I would be back training by the end of the week. The training schedule was incredible:

To pick out favourites would be unfair but watching how passionate, enthusiastic & exceptionally skilled & talented each master was. I was blown away. What I loved more than that was watching both my girls learn not only new skills, first aid, but genuinely learning to defend themselves.

They also had a great time socialising with their friends & getting their certificates signed by each person taking classes.

After the first day of training I was able to meet Grandmaster Roy Kilner, who had earlier in the day agreed to have a photo with me, although he did say being president of the BTA was more than just being the eye candy.

The 2nd photo is myself with not only Grandmaster Roy Kilner but with the owners of my daughters club, Dragon’s Academy in Eckington, where I’m going to go back. I intend to blog about my fitness journey too in returning to the academy.

Sunday offered more exceptional training followed by a long drive home. Will we attend again, absolutely yes, will I be training & on the mats next year, yes I will.

A great weekend of celebrating a combination of martial arts as well as a good party & a few drinks thrown in!

Now not only only do we feel part of the Dragon’s Academy family, but a bigger family now & I can’t wait for 2019.

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