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First night back at training… I will fight this!

So for many reasons I went to karate with my children tonight! Firstly even though I haven’t been out of the house, I promised at the weekend I would. I also read a story about fitness helping mental health in today’s metro on twitter by Cherry Kandi. She has put her soul into fitness to help with her mental health for the last 6 weeks

So I did it. I got ready an hour & half before I went. I sat with my red belt, ready, having not trained for almost a year. Then we headed off to Dragon’s Academy. This club is different. It’s full of friends & family who want to help & support you to achieve. Not only is it great value for money, but they aren’t sellers, pushing products all the time. What’s also great is, they only grade you when you’re ready.

Millie is a blue belt, aiming for her purple, Laila is a green belt, looking to go for her blue belt & I’d love to get my 2nd grading done & get my yellow belt. So I have to commit now. For my mental health, for my physical health & weight loss, for my asthma, & for my kids!

This is my after pic…

I couldn’t be more purple, exhausted & yet proud. Proud that I did it. When I got home I had 3 messages…

Mel, a friend & fellow karate trainee, brown black belt: “So proud of you tonight well done for making the first step you did amazing xx”

Claire, owner of the Academy & trainer: “I know I’m telling you something you already know but everyone has their own journey and its just about kerping going on your own journey and not stopping. Was amazing to see the pride and huge smiles on the girls faces as they burst through the door with you 😊 x”

Alex, my bestie: “Amazing work – very proud of you Xxx”

I did it & now the journey begins. I’m back to working in the office tomorrow, I’ve booked a taxi to make sure. Now it’s tine to relax, read a book and have a good nights sleep. I can do this. I will do this.

4 thoughts on “First night back at training… I will fight this!”

  1. It’s amazing you are attending classes with your children. Sometimes going with others help. Keep up the good work. So proud of you!! 🙂

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