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Sick with anxiety for no reason

Today I woke up feeling sick, being sick & terrified to leave the house. Nothing has happened, I’ve slept well & yet this crippling anxiety has took over me without rhyme or reason. Some days I can fight it, today I’m failing that fight. I just need to feel safe. I have called my Clinical Psychiatric Nurse to see if she can see me sooner as I don’t know why it’s chosen me today. There are days I can accept my condition, but days like today when I hate it & hate the person it can make me be. A person I do not like.

3 thoughts on “Sick with anxiety for no reason”

  1. I can relate to this, and I hate those days! I’m kind of experiencing one today, too. It’s a lovely day and I really want to go outside for a walk, but I just feel too anxious. Probably sounds silly to anyone who doesn’t have anxiety, but I know you’ll understand – I’m trying to use my want for ice lollies to motivate me to go out!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Ruth |

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